Selecting your curtains

Selecting the curtains for your room can be tricky especially when you are trying to mix and match colours so here are some tips to help you decide:

Colour matching:
What works best in a room? Well if it’s a bedroom you could choose dark subtle colours and a living room pastel works very well but equally blending is important for example you should avoid dark curtains when you have dark wallpaper as you can imagine it would not be ideal (unless that’s what you wanted off course) but taking into account the décor, wallpaper and carpet will give you some idea of what will work.

Net or Pleated

This is purely based on choice, but in this era we live in nets are considered popular as are pleated. When choosing it’s a question of how they will look in your chosen room, you can go online and search for curtain styles this will help and off course browse catalogs too but it’s what you feel comfortable with as you’re the one who will live with them.

Standard or twisted rods for your curtains
Off the peg rods are straight, they are pretty much just manufactured to be practical etc, however you may see in some homes people have ornate rods – twisted and these can be styled in almost a gothic appearance. Its true you will pay a little more (in the event of you employing an interior designer a lot more) but if you want to go the extra mile with style this is worth considering.

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