Living Room Curtains

Most living rooms have traditional pencil pleat curtains and do not receive much thought. They are just a standard addition to the living room windows and yet they serve so many purposes. As well as keeping out the light during the daytime and stopping the glare of the sun reflecting off your television they also offer some privacy for you and your family. You can fully appreciate the value of your living room curtains if you imagine that they have fallen down or you do not have any in place.


More than this a nice set of curtains can transform the look of your living room either brightening a dark room or subduing a light room depending on the coloring and design. If you choose heavy, lined curtains then you are most likely going to darken the room. Some people even go as far as to have black out curtains which are specially designed to not allow any light into the room. However, if you have a dark room whether this is due to dark wooden beams or actual wall decoration then lighter colored curtains are going to be a better option for your living room curtains.

The hanging of curtains can also make a difference to both the light allowed through and general feel of the room. Generally speaking living room curtains are mounted on tracks as opposed to rails. There are several reasons for this but it does not mean that you should automatically discount using curtain rails in your living room. Curtain tracks are often easier to glide open and closed and lounge curtains are usually opened and closed more often than say bedroom curtains that may only be moved once or twice a day. In addition, curtains can be hung in such a way that the rails can be hidden behind the top of the curtains making them more discrete.

However, as I said do not completely discount rails for your living room curtains. Using rails can allow a little extra light into naturally darker living rooms. They are a modern looking alternative that can look great if you have a light, airy living room. For example, if you have light wooden flooring in your lounge. Usually, lighter curtains are used with rails to make them easier to glide open and therefore the curtains will normally be made of a lighter material and not backed for extra thickness.