Curtain Rails

Curtain rails are more than just something to stop the curtains from falling. But most people give little thought to their choice of curtain rail choosing instead to just go with the most popular plastic tracking. This is a shame because your choice of curtain rail can influence a number of factors in your interior design. Certain curtain rails are better used in certain situations.


The first consideration when choosing curtain rails is the style. There are several styles of curtain rail available the most popular being the plastic tracking with plastic hooks being used for attaching the curtains. These are inexpensive, can easily be cut to the required length, are flexible for different styles of window bay and can easily be fitted, maintained and replaced. In fact, there are very few negatives with plastic curtain rails apart from they are not the most aesthetically pleasing or robust of rails and discoloration can occur over time. Pencil pleat curtains are usually hung using plastic rails.

Wooden rails are ornate and again can be cut to the required length relatively easily. They are more appropriate for heavier curtains as the wood is more robust than the plastic alternative. However, if bay windows for example they do not have the flexibility to make installation easy but this can be overcome by mounting individual curtains over each section rather than a single pull around curtain. They can be an attractive addition to any room but do allow a little more light into the room compared to some other rail types. Wooden rails, depending on their quality and the wood used, can be incredibly long lasting. Top quality wooden rails can be taken down and re-varnished or the wood treated in order to preserve their lives even more.

Metal curtain rails can add style and finesse to any room and are very versatile. They can even be used in bathrooms and areas that other types of rail cannot. For example, kitchens and other areas that often get wet or steamy might cause wooden rails to expand and/or split and both wooden and plastic rails can become discolored by exposure to moisture. Metal curtain rails can have intricate designs created and decorations that just are not possible with other types of curtain rails. Depending on the metal used they can also be prone to bending and breaking but this is very unlikely in modern metal curtain rails. They are often associated with the Victorian era particularly in relation to brass curtain rails. Click here to browse our curtains