Made to measure curtains

The main reason for this is that when we measure up your room for curtains we can ensure a guaranteed fit .You can go for off the peg and they may be ok but when your looking for quality something a little special made to measure delivers.


There is a wide choice of materials available from linen to cotton however some of the most popular curtains are linen for many reasons including the degree of versatility, flexibility and overall look and feel. With linen it is easy to shape and has a natural hang. For some homes that have a study they are usually hung.

When you have made to measure  one of the many benefits includes the ability to choose your own fabric for each room, again we stay with linen as its structure supports many colour variations and it adds class plus its cost effective too.

We manufacture our curtains – never off the peg

Unlike some other curtain companies we actually manufacture  to exaqct sizes based on a free consultation, we understand for many people off the peg is not good enough but equally the price is a consideration too. At the Coventry curtains company we will not only deliver a quality service for you it will be keenly priced too.

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