Low Cost Curtains

With money tight for many people low cost curtains can be a great way to save money without making any major sacrifices. The cost of curtains has come down a lot over recent years making them an affordable and versatile window dressing. Curtains are usually much cheaper than blinds and more effective at blocking out light. They are easily maintained and can be taken down for washing and stain removal very quickly. In addition, they can be made to measure almost any size and shape of window. Whilst this is also true of many blinds the cost would be high with blinds and curtains can often be altered yourself rather than the expensive ‘made to measure’ blind option.

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Low cost curtains can be used anywhere around the house or home. However, there are times and places where it is better to use them or not use them. For example, low cost curtains are fine for most bedrooms. Unless the room is particularly bright and requires more heavy duty or black out curtains lower cost curtains are generally lighter and cheaper making them easier to open and close. Generally speaking low cost curtains will be hung on rails rather than poles and so even the fixtures are cheaper not just the curtains themselves.

If budget allows then more public or social areas would benefit from slightly higher quality curtains. These are usually a visibly more high quality material and will often having backing materials to make them more robust. As these curtains are more likely to be opened and closed more regularly purchasing low cost curtains may turn out to be a false economy at best and frustratingly difficult to open and close at worse. You can find that cheaper rails and fixtures can make curtains glide less easily.

However, discounting the idea of low cost curtains is a mistake. Let’s be honest they serve a couple of purposes. They keep light out and provide privacy and they can alter the look and feel of a room. Of course, these are very important features as anyone whose curtains have fallen down will tell you but if budgets are tight then the quality of curtain is not going to have a dramatic impact on the overall look and functionality of a room. That being said low cost these days does not necessarily mean low quality and some great bargains can be found at Coventry curtains